Guest blogger: Helen Lehndorf

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My Green Haven

Late last year I moved house. I was thrilled to find a place with something close to my idea of a perfect garden…green and wild, closed-in with a warm, sheltered porch to sit and watch it all from. Our new house is just ten minutes walk from the city centre and yet feels to me like a small green haven.

The thing that has made our backyard feel so much a part of the house – is the covered porch. It is covered over on three sides plus a ceiling. We have chairs and cushions and an old trestle table out there – so it really is like an additional room. A room with a lovely vista! We sit there to drink coffee and read the paper. We eat out there. If you are planning a deck, I strongly recommend covering it – not only for winter, but our summer light is so harsh it is nice to have a reprieve from it, also. Something about being under shelter means that we use the space much more than we would if it were just a platform under our feet.

Over the last months, I have loved watching the garden through the seasons – so far a late spring, whole summer and now, autumn.

Spring bought bulbs – daffodils, irises and most delightfully of all – several varieties of snowdrops.

Summer bought more wild green tangle – everything went mad and lush. I established a vege garden and we grew tomatoes, chillies, capsicums, lettuces, zucchinni, herbs…

Autumn has been my favourite season in the garden so far – our 30+ year old feijoa tree is dropping a big box of feijoas every day, the Japanese Anemones are blooming everywhere, we’ve had apples and crabapples, too. The leaves are falling and -until the Easter storms- the days were long and golden.

Now we are heading into winter, the least interesting time in a garden and yet, a good time for a gardener. I will be scouring seed catalogues with dreams of spring, borrowing copies of the UK’s posh magazine ‘Gardens Illustrated’ from the library, raking up leaves, mulching, tidying, pruning and making outlandish, unlikely plans.

I am really enjoying this new gardening blog – written by a group of friends in the USA.


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