Friday list: 8 April

It’s freezing cold here in Featherston and while I had planned to do gardening today, this list might need to be in two parts.

The gardening list (starting soon before I chicken out)

  • Trim the  tree at the front gate that the car now has to drive through to get out
  • Saw off some of the branches on the trees near my window so they stop being all creepy in the wind by scratching at my window
  • Hoe the garden down the side of the house, which is out of control
  • Do some weed wacking along the driveway
  • Mow the lawn (really unlikely to happen since it’s so wet

Other things to do

  • Make Tom’s Mum’s lasagna for dinner (best lasagna ever because it has a high meaty sauce to creamy sauce ratio

Other options if the weather packs in

  • Make a skirt for Mum
  • Make chicken soup for the weekend
  • Have lunch out
  • Do craft in the studio


3 Responses to Friday list: 8 April

  1. tash says:

    Oh I like your list for today – making chicken soup? And going out for lunch? I kind of hope it rains…

  2. tomandemma says:

    You’ll be pleased to know Tash I did a token amount of gardening, the went to Cafe Mirabelle for the best quiche then poached figs, some op-shopping and grocery shopping. Now it’s home to do the cooking part and start making the skirt. At least the garden is only half weedy now.

  3. Lynn Taylor says:

    Hey i thought you might have knit yourself a royal wedding on your list. Apparently there is a pattern out and there is even a generic person pattern which you can adapt to yourself so you can be a guest at the wedding!

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