Op-shop glory

A while back I asked for today as an Annual Leave day. I didn’t have anything special planned; I just wanted a day at home to do stuff.

Mid-morning I took myself off around the op-shops of the Wairarapa to what was one of my best hauls ever over one trip. I’m also planning on drawing an op-shop map and once I do I’ll post it here so it can be downloaded and used by you too.

As well as the great finds, I also overheard great old lady conversation including a couple of women talking about how when they were kids they had one doll to share amongst four sisters and every Sunday night their aunt would sew it’s head back on because every week it fell off. Here’s what I got:

Stacks of fabric including red velvet and a piece of brand new fabric with old houses on it

The most beautiful swallow

Fabric with old houses on it

A framed picture of the Queen - now hanging in the lounge

Round cushion covered in super old, super soft velvet


11 Responses to Op-shop glory

  1. hope & glory says:

    I love the houses tea towel that is a triumph! and of course THE QUEEN πŸ™‚

  2. ana b says:

    What??!?!!! I was on annual leave today too and this was EXACTLY what I felt like doing except I got too lazy and stayed at home eating muffins. *sadtrombone*.

    You’re a lady after my own heart, Emma, judging my your buys. Hanging picture of Queen! Ceramic swallow! Cute cute fabric! Velvet cushion! OH I am jealous.

  3. Ange says:

    LOVE the swallow.

    Great finds there Emma, sounds like the Wairarapa op-shops are a treasure-trove πŸ™‚

  4. gemma says:

    nice work! i love 2nd hand shop shopping.. and when you come home with a full boot, its even better.

  5. Cal says:

    swallow! i have three just like it, but they’re not all the same size. my grandma had them hanging on the wall in her kitchen until very recently. i don’t know why she took them down after a kabillion years of them hanging there, but she did – so i asked if i could have them. they’re sitting in an old-school chocolate box in my wardrobe cos i haven’t found the perfect place for them yet ;-0

  6. […] Remember this epic op-shopping day? That shop closed after my last visit… so sad. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  7. Leigh says:

    Visiting Wairarapa next week – finding it hard to locate any Op shops except Sallies – did you ever do your map?

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