It’s Election year! Argh

What would Kate Sheppard do?

I feel it’s my moral duty to vote – I think it’s incredibly important to contribute to the democratic process and feel a duty to do so since we live in the country that was the first in the world to give women the vote.

However, this year I face a crisis. For me, there is nobody I want to vote for. Nobody – not even a little bit. And yet I’ve only got eight months until I’ll have to head off to Featherston Primary School’s hall once again and cast my ballot.

Although this won’t help me make up my mind, I’m taking a poll. It’s anonymous and for my own interest – tell me below, if you had to vote today who would you vote for?


4 Responses to It’s Election year! Argh

  1. Sandra says:

    I share your concerns Emma. Not that that is helpful, but you are not alone.

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