Good things spotted this week

Radio New Zealand
The Radio NZ pips are on Twitter. On the hour they tweet ‘beep beep beep beep beeeeeep it’s x o’clock’. So useful; so funny.

My friend Courtney does the Arts review for Nine to Noon and today talked about Historically Hardcore – a great series of fan-posters to get people interested in museums. My favourite is below. See the posters. Hear Courtney’s discussion with Kathryn Ryan.

Radio NZ is having a radio design competition that looks really cool.

I like to scroll through Pinterest on the train home and look at pretty pictures, great clothes, nice houses and things I’d like to make. But much more than that, I like poking Tom and showing him images that I think are hilarious. Like this and this and this. He loves it – especially if I interrupt his reading or iPod listening.

This photo made we want pink hair but I’d be too lazy to keep up with the regrowth. via Her Name was Lola.

Image: T magazine

Beautiful embroidered book covers from Penguin Classics. Someone pointed out that I should get the ‘Emma’ one which made me realise that although I know that’s my name (I’m not that dim people) I never relate the book to myself.

How to make twins – the one on the right is so funny

Other good things

  • I picked new glasses frames (photo to come when I pick them up) which, along with the car purchase means we’re really really not ever going anywhere again
  • Tom made breakfast food for dinner on Saturday night. It was awesome! I recommend getting into it (eggs + sausage over muesli)
  • I started a new programme on my Wii Fit and can now barely move. It even hurts to laugh!
  • I just remembered today that I’ve got a four day weekend coming up.



2 Responses to Good things spotted this week

  1. And there’s ALWAYS great new stuff on there. Wait five minutes…more new stuff! I don’t even google recipes anymore, I just go to the ‘food’ section of Pinterest and let that inspire me.

  2. Evie says:

    I do the exact thing with Sam and the funnies “*giggling* Sam, sam, you have to look at this…” Usually all I get is a wry smile before he returns to whatever he was doing. Boys obviously don’t get how cute and innocently funny those pictures are!

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