Friday list: 25 March

  • Pick up a new magazine from the library (and pay 50c instead of $8 if I’d bought it new)
  • Take Emma Makes products to be stocked at Holland Road Yarn Company
  • Go to the op-shop across the road from the yarn shop
  • Get vintage hair – I have a voucher for a vintage hairstyle so I’m off to get it today (probably not the one below)
  • Have high tea at Martha’s Pantry with my friend Colleen
  • Go to the optometrists to check out some potential new glasses frames
  • Home again home again jiggidy jig

IMAGE: from Ha!Designs on


4 Responses to Friday list: 25 March

  1. tash says:

    Hooray! Can’t wait to see you! xx

  2. Lynn Taylor says:

    Did you get a perm?

  3. Hi Emma,

    I hope you don’t mind (and I know I am an awful copy-cat) but I am so inspired by just how lovely your day sounded, that my friend Lauren and I are heading to the Holland Road Yarn Company this morning and then Martha’s Pantry for lunch :-).


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