The Craft Country Shop

Previously on Small Town Stories… I ran a Wairarapa craft fair called Craft Country with my friends Michele and Natalie.

On Saturday, the Craft Country Shop opened in the main street of Featherston.

Natalie and Michele are behind the shop – I have Emma Makes stocked there and made the website on Saturday night but it was them spending nights painting, decorating and selecting.

I’m looking forward to occasionally playing shop girl (Easter Saturday is definitely my day) so if you’re over this way then come and say hello.

The shop will run until September 2011 – it’s  a bit like  a pop-up and has so far been well-received. One old lady at the opening said it was ‘great to have something like this in Featherston because God it’s a miserable place.’

So shuck off your misery with well-made, fairly priced craft and design.


4 Responses to The Craft Country Shop

  1. gemma says:

    what a great idea. the little shop sounds lovely. almost blew fanta out through my nose after reading the old ladies comment. they are so horribly honest sometimes it warms the heart.

  2. Julie says:

    Good luck on your new venture, such an excellent idea. Another reason to visit Featherston.

  3. Johanna says:

    It’s a lovely shop and I intend to become a regular customer. The elderly lady’s comment made me laugh, but as a newcomer to Featherston, I have found it anything but miserable so far!

    • tomandemma says:

      Me too Johanna – we’ve lived here four years now and it’s awesome! I guess a place is what you make of it and I think Featherston did used to be a bit dire so maybe she’s been through the bad times and is just a pessimist?

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