Friday list: 11 March

I feel like I’ve been doing a fair bit of gadding about on Fridays lately – and will be next week too – so today I’m having a day at home (mostly) in my studio. Here’s what I’m up to:

  • Making further protoypes of my March craft. Today I’m working on a green toile shoulder bag, new notebooks and washbags out of a great apple fabric I’ve found. My new system of working means having a small group of monthly projects, then sending one of each type off to the photographer while I’m making the rest of each product at home. I’m aiming to send a newsletter to my Emma Makes newsletter group around the beginning of each month announcing new products. If you like, join my newsletter group.
  • I have a notebook commission that is for a girl’s wedding guest book that I need to make
  • Putting together a couple of parcels to send to friends, and
  • Finishing my book – I have about two stories left in Pip Adam’s Everything We Hoped For, which I bought with my NZ Book Month $5-off voucher.

I also have the make the dinner, which is my job each Friday.


2 Responses to Friday list: 11 March

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Your Friday lists are inspirational. They helped motivate me to do more yesterday (ie. one of your Friday lists would take me a week to complete). Ahhh, days at home in the studio are so good eh.

    • tomandemma says:

      So great – although it’s time to take a break when the top of your hands hurt from cutting own with scissors too much. Off to the Post Office now, which takes about 20 minutes in Featherston by the time everyone in front of you has their weekly chat with whoever is on the counter.

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