New craft

A big part of my day today was updating my website by adding new products to an online shop there. I’ve decided this year to try and make a small collection of things each month and am hoping to sell those directly through my website, since that’s where all my marketing sends people.

This month I made frogs and bags…

These five frogs are a pattern adapted from my Mum’s 1970’s craft book that I looked through when I went home. I’ve given them all names and one-line bios that you can read here.

I also spent February making three types of huge carry bags that are great for taking spades/buckets/sandwiches/towels to the beach.


2 Responses to New craft

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Do you have your own dressmakers dummy? (cant spell maniquin, lol) jealous.

    • tomandemma says:

      I do have my own dummy but it’s vintage so I don’t use it for sewing. It’s also really thin… this dummy is Sheree the photographers – she did a great job of taking these photos for me.

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