A fond farewell to a friend

Getting a warrant for our station wagon Doris has sometimes been a sketchy business – it’s a happy day if she passes first time.

Doris - the glamour shot

In January when I took her to the garage, I got a call mid-morning with the news that she’d failed and the advice that it was best for us just to just to look for a new car. Tom and I were really sad – even though she’s a dumpy old station wagon she’s done us well for five years.

We’ve driven around both islands in her, she’s always been able to fit everything we need to cart inside (rotary hoe, wardrobe) and we really liked her. When Tom’s Mum pointed out that because she was unwarranted she was also uninsured, we decided to pull finger.

We know nothing about cars (except how to drive them and fill them with petrol) so bought a Dog and Lemon guide. It was the best $20 we’ve ever spent – we spent time looking on Trade Me and other car sites, then would put the cars into the Dog and Lemon to find reports such as ‘dodgy’, ‘not recommended’ and ‘avoid like the plague’. The car we eventually bought, a 2001 Toyota Opa (below) was rated ‘okay’, which is high praise from the guide.

The new car

Our new car has electric windows, air conditioning and you can listen to the radio while driving and actually hear it! So now we have the task of selling Doris.

I think she’d be a great bogan car for someone to fix up, or a farm car and she comes with a brand new windscreen. Here’s the listing on Trade Me.


4 Responses to A fond farewell to a friend

  1. Evie says:

    Your new car is flash! It’s always sad when the old faithful has to leave you. Still, in 5-10 years your Opa will be your old faithful. And so true, an okay rating from Dog & Lemon is like a car getting 1st Class Honours.

  2. Madz says:

    ye gads. that is totally a grown up’s car!

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