Today I made an earthquake kit

When the September earthquake struck I was laid up in bed following my gallstone operation. I was shocked by the coverage of the disaster and made a plan to finally build an earthquake kit when I was better.

But I didn’t. I got better, went back to work and returned to the things I liked doing. I totally forgot about the kit.

When Tuesday’s quake hit I knew again that I should have a kit and made a plan to build one today. I printed out this form, assembled some plastic containers that I usually use for carting my craft about and set to. About five hours later and I’m done:

That old heater on the left is broken - not part of the kit!

The first thing you can from the photo above (our kit for two people) is that those one-container pictures that the survival people tout about are lies! Damn lies! Our kit is huge by the time you allow for blankets, clothes and water (18 litres for us for three days and another 6 for good luck and washing up). I’ve just remembered too that I need to chuck some plates and cutlery in there.

The list I used was great – comprehensive and easy to follow. I added hand sanitiser and nurofen to our kit and considered adding a bottle of whiskey. Contemplating what bucket you were going to buy knowing it’s purpose was as a potential toilet was a special moment.

I also got a wind-up torch and have ordered a wind-up radio so we don’t need to bother checking the batteries every three months. It took me 33 years to get around the building this kit; I think we all know I’m not going to check batteries every three months.

P.S. If the big one does strike Featherston, Tom and I will be wearing the worst collection of old clothes and filled with disgusting carb-rich food from tins.


3 Responses to Today I made an earthquake kit

  1. Tony says:

    Suggest you add a pack of cards. Even if you don’t play cards when you can’t go anywhere I’m sure you will learn.

  2. Chelsea says:

    We’ll also recognise you by your mad basketball skillz.

  3. […] bookshelves to the walls things just moved closer to the edge of shelves in a sinister fashion. We’ve got our earthquake kit sorted and thanks to a tip from someone in Christchurch, have been sleeping with shoes, a jacket and a […]

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