Friday list: 11 December

I had a Wellington day yesterday, op-shopping with my friend Patricia and doing other jobs. First up was a trip to Moore Wilsons to get veges, jam-making supplies and these fantastic dusky pink and green chrysanthemums.

Patricia and I were to meet in Karori but she was running late from visiting the hygenist so I sat in the window of the Karori Library and read old magazines. Too bad you’re not allowed coffee in the library…

Actually, when I worked at Te Papa people would take their coffees into the exhibitions and then get really angry when you explained they weren’t allowed food or drink in there. They didn’t seem to understand the concept of their coffee vs valuable art or historically significant objects.

Lunch was at Floriditas – my favourite place for lunch in Wellington – with our other friend Rachel. I had the salmon salad made with cucumber ribbons, a great glass of Burnt Spur, finished off with a rosewater meringue and a strong black coffee. That and the sun was enough to make me want a quick lie-down.

Our afternoon was spent at the Crown Lynn exhibition at City Gallery, which my friend Abby curated. It was fantastic – there were a huge range of Crown Lynn and a wide age-range of people in the gallery walking around saying “we had that” and “that’s disgusting, I hate that one.”

We had (and do) the McAlpine refrigerator jug, a plate with a cat on it, a white swan and some other white vases/bowls in nondescript designs. I really hated the red and cream trickle glaze.

When we were leaving the gallery we saw Abby and her sister Lizzie who has recently donated a kidney to the donor waiting list – just because she can.


One Response to Friday list: 11 December

  1. Evie says:

    That sounds like a fun day. Some crown lynn is so pretty and some really is pretty awful. It;s nice that the exhibition recognises both sides of it.

    That is such a noble thing that your friend Lizzie has done, to go through that just because. Wow.

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