Summer weekend

Apparently our friends in Wellington this weekend have been experiencing the kind of cloudy weather that has you instead reading books because it’s too miserable to go out. Here in Featherston we’ve been baking – the MetService tells us it’s 30degrees and that’s usually a conservative reading.

In between lolling about feeling lethargic, cowering in the shade and reading our own books in a warmer climate, we’ve had a true summer weekend.

Yesterday we went to the Martinborough Fair – it’s held every year on the first Saturday of both February and March. People swarm in from Wellington, Kapiti Coast and further afield but because we live so close we were able to get there and back before 10.30am and beat the heat (mostly).

Our favourite fair purchases are always the kind of jams we don’t or rarely make (apple jelly, apricot jam) and chutneys and pickles for sandwiches. Tom picks the latter and usually goes for odd or rare combinations – gooseberry, rhubarb and this time nectarine and tamarillo. We only ever pick the ones that look homemade. Add to that a sausage in bread each, a peanut plant (who knows if that will grow – stay tuned) and some tiny Dutch pancakes and we were well happy with ourselves.

Today the heat was just as bad so we headed to the swimming hole.

The swimming hole is perfect – it’s a deep part of the river surrounded by shallower rocky/sandy shore; there’s a place to jump off rocks for kids; and heaps of shady trees for setting up a picnic.

Above is the view I had for much of the afternoon – the tree above the book I was reading.

We rolled out the picnic blanket – Tom had made us a super lunch (below), which was an Indian-spiced salad with chickpeas, fresh corn, tomatoes (that we grew), red capsicum, onion and avocado. Super great with a side of lettuce!

Before and after lunch we spent lots of time cooling off in the water, swimming around and floating like logs. A truly perfect outing.


5 Responses to Summer weekend

  1. gemma says:

    i remember going to that fair when i was a kid (i grew up on the kapiti coast) – and still remember it fondly. i am a great follower of home made preserves, but that wasnt my interest then. i think i came home with a hand made doll of some kind, but the specifics now escape me. the salad and location look lovely. i must read more books under trees.

  2. Tony says:

    When the temperature reaches 40 degrees, as it did here on Sunday, it is too hot to read. Or do anything.

  3. Lynn Taylor says:

    Ok wanna eat that salad…will Tom put the recipe on the blog or was it a made up on the day one?

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