Roman Sandals: the music video

Wow – this is a good year. First, I got to pillage out the back of an op-shop. And today I received a press release about a new roman sandals music video from a PR company because I’d been identified as ‘a loyal fan of roman sandals.’

Here’s the music video and the press release about it follows. Not only does it have excessive wearing of roman sandals, it has factory scenes of roman sandals being made. I LOVE factory scenes.

Oh, and today I wore pink punched roman sandals that were a limited edition about six years ago for Scotties, which is why you should always buy the originals – because they last!

Click the photo to watch the video

NZ made Roman Sandals stars of local music video

A meeting between Todd Douglas, of Douglas Sandals Ltd, manufacturer of New Zealand’s original iconic roman sandals and local singer/songwriter Rob Wigley (frontman of the band Mr Roberelli) has resulted in the production of a hugely entertaining, totally original music video that’s proving a massive hit with Kiwis of all ages.

Produced and directed by Shortland Street’s Kiel McNaughton (who plays Scotty) and starring fellow cast member  Ari Boyland  (Brodie Kemp) and a supporting cast of mates and helpers, the quirky animated footage is set to ‘The Romans’ –  the lead track from Mr Roberelli’s  latest CD “Does The Bus Stop Here?”

Having completed recording songs for their second CD, the band, which includes husband and wife  Paul and Rochelle Depledge, realised the stand out track was “The Romans”, with its wonderful melody and funny, catchy lyrics telling the story of roman sandals right back to the original wearers, the Romans themselves.

Says Rob, a primary school teacher from Waitakere, “I grew up wearing roman sandals, most Kiwi kids did, and I always thought they were deserving of a song. I started humming the first line in my head and the rest just came easily.”

Rob approached Todd Douglas, owner of Auckland based Douglas Sandals Ltd  to see if they would be interested in helping to turn the song into a music video.

Says Todd, “We were delighted to help. Kiwis have been wearing our roman sandals for over sixty years and it’s great to see them starring in such a fun production. We were also pleased to be able to support and work with such a great group of local, home grown talent.”

Other roman sandal love

You might also like this comic strip by Sarah Laing – also about romans!

And Evie Kemp blogged about her new romans from the big order too.

Here’s a reminder about the big roman sandal order.

6 Responses to Roman Sandals: the music video

  1. Marvin says:

    Hi there
    I’ve just stumbled upon your site for the first time. I always considered myself to be the biggest roman sandal fan in NZ. I’ve got Todd Douglas in my address book. lol. I’ve been running my website, for a few years now but am always scratching to find content.
    I also recently started a Facebook group (no members rushing to join I might add!), but now I see you already have one…
    Could we possibly co-ordinate and share material?

  2. Marvin says:!/home.php?sk=group_124345957635040&ap=1
    That should get you to it – but there’s nothing on there!
    I was thinking I should have made a real account and not a group. I wasn’t sure what the difference was.

  3. Marvin says:

    Hi Emma 🙂
    I asked to join that group on Facebook but haven’t had a reply.
    Can I cut and paste your roman stories and put them on my site under the Stories column at some stage? (Quite busy at the moment making a deck for our house!) I’ll put a link back to your site etc.

  4. Marvin says:

    Hey thanks. I did have to send a request when I clicked join, and now it just says “request sent” in the upper right. I still can’t post a message yet.

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