The story about the sandals

I got a text from Mum last night; “what’s the story with the sandals?” Here it is…

I really like roman sandals – probably because I never had to wear them at school. And one of my favourite websites sells roman sandals – although, it had been down for quite a while so I wasn’t sure if the business had folded or it the site was just being rebuilt.

I recently had a really bad cold that kept me off work for a day so while I was in bed, with my trusty iPhone, I looked up the sandals site and ta-da! It was back! I also noticed that they had a deal where if you bought 20 pairs at once they’d give you 50 percent off.

I know that some of my friends liked romans too so wondered if I could get 20 people together. A few emails, texts, posts on Facebook and Twitter and a week later … and I had orders for 28 pairs of roman sandals.

The sandals arrived on Friday – everything from tiny red punched romans for a one-year old to black slips ons, green punched and plain blue and black romans. Some have been posted – from Auckland to Mosgiel – and others are being delivered during the week in Wellington, which means on Monday I’ll be weighed down with bags full of shoes then spend the rest of the week looking like I’m doing drug deals in the middle of Wellington.

My friend Natalie also made a Facebook group where we can all post our photos.

6 Responses to The story about the sandals

  1. Evie says:

    I love your moleskines! I’m so in love with my sandals, I don’t think I could love them more if they were Christian Louboutins.

  2. carol says:

    i bought some slave sandals off this site- they arrived the very next day! awesome service!!!

  3. […] with China and if you don’t buy local then businesses close. Remember ages ago when we did the huge roman sandal order? (The roman sandals guy […]

  4. Jemma says:

    Are the Douglas sandals for sale anywhere ? I would LOVE to buy some x

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