Life goal: tick

When I went to Southland recently I did a bit of op-shopping. South Island op-shops are always the best and there’s one in Invercargill that I rate as the best in New Zealand. The image above is what I got.

I took my trusty assistant (Dad) who was great because he carted around blankets and asked at one shop if there was anything else out the back. Once of my life goals is to go out the back of an op-shop and I wasn’t disappointed. There were literally piles of blankets and sheets that the old ladies hadn’t put out because ‘they weren’t paired up yet.’ Dad held the stash while I instructed an old lady on what I’d like while she jumped onto piles of fabric and manchester to fetch it. It was great!

Some advice though – if they let you out the back of the Salvation Army Family Store then ‘Jesus’ is probably not the right exclamation when you see the mega-stash for the first time (my bad).


3 Responses to Life goal: tick

  1. gemma says:

    haha… !!

  2. BabyVessel says:

    I would argue yelling “Jesus” is exactly what you should say, but maybe next time make it a “Praise Jesus!”.

  3. […] – this is a good year. First, I got to pillage out the back of an op-shop. And today I received a press release about a new roman sandals music video from a PR company […]

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