Seven flights

Wellington > Auckland > Rarotonga

Rarotonga > Auckland > Christchurch > Invercargill

Dunedin > Christchurch > Wellington

Tom and I have just returned home - after abandoning the blog for a long family holiday. First stop was Rarotonga and after ten years together, it was also our first overseas trip together.

We snorkeled, scootered around the island, ate BBQ cooked by my brothers, read books and drank duty-free whiskey.

In Invercargill I hit the op-shops - this was a velvet floral lounge suite (sofa, two matching chairs) for $130. I posted back untold numbers of fabrics and blankets... but left the lounge suite there.

In Dunedin, we saw the Cut Collective exhibition at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery before I saw the sign that said 'no photos.' The 'Beloved' exhibition there was the best I've seen in ages.

In Dunedin I visited Port Chalmers (pictured), a fantastic retro/vintage shop called 'Box of Birds', and old favourites Ha'Pennies, the University Book Shop and Broad Bay China, which Tom and I saw with long-time friends Lynn and her daughter Petra.

Home again

Home again


2 Responses to Seven flights

  1. gemma says:

    oh my… the fabric on that lounge suite is delish.

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