O Christmas Tree

Although we bought our Christmas tree about two weeks ago from my favourite Christmas tree farm in Greytown, I’ve only just finished decorating it.

I love real Christmas trees and although, when I was  a kid, I hoped one day to have a matchy-matchy Christmas tree I now much prefer ours.

We used our cardboard bird decorations from a couple of years ago, some special decorations that we’ve gathered from friends and family and the rest are crepe paper concertinas. Tom says it looks like the spirit of Christmas sneezed on it.

Last night I wrapped up all the Christmas presents, which are now being posted today or under our tree.

We’ve also almost finalised our Christmas menu, which we are cooking for Tom’s Mum Julie and his brother Matthew. If it’s a sunny day then I’m hoping to eat lunch under the walnut tree. Here it is:


Vietnamese spring rolls with duck


Of a yet to be determined nature


Roast lamb with fresh homemade bread and green salad


Individual brown sugar Pavlovas with Greek yoghurt and lemoncello-soaked berries


2 Responses to O Christmas Tree

  1. Julie says:

    A very fine looking Xmas tree, Emma, and a most exciting sounding menu. Lucky old us, is what I say!

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