Craft Country

I often wonder – since I live all the way in Featherston – if I had a party would anyone come?

Yesterday, my new Featherston friends Natalie and Michele ran Craft Country – Wairarapa’s contemporary craft fair, which was kind of the same thing. Our months of hard work, organising skills and promotion all came down to one minute, just before 10am when the doors opened. But come they did – we had to lock the doors at 9.30am because people were trying to get in.

The crowds were thick until 12noon when the Christmas parade cleared everyone out for 15 minutes. Then they started again – steady streams of happy shopping people until 3pm … then a very quiet and relaxing hour until pack up at 4pm. Here’s a photo of Leanne from Ramari Textiles who was across from me…

And one of Helen who didn’t seem to want her photo taken…

Helen was my number one helper – fetching lunch, minding the stall and guarding the float while I ran around like a crazy person, bringing coffee, bringing other stallholders coffee and generally being awesome.

I loved Craft Country – the atmosphere was relaxed and happy and punters were there to buy, which was nice. We had lots of comments from shoppers who were so happy to have a quality craft fair in the Wairarapa and who were overwhelmed with the professionalism of the stallholders and their products. We also managed to introduce quite a few new people to Craft 2.0 so will hopefully get those people over to Lower Hutt this Saturday for more fun at the fair.

P.S. Tom’s Mum Julie even came to the fair all the way from Palmerston North – sterling effort.


4 Responses to Craft Country

  1. sue says:

    you do realise this now means you are going to have to do it every year at least.

    • tomandemma says:

      Oh there’s no ‘at least’ about it. It will be a maximum of once a year I can assure you. Ask me again in September 2011 if it’s happening again… right now I’m tired! 🙂

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