Friday list

At my new job I don’t work Fridays so I’ve decided each week I’ll make a Friday list so I can get good things done. Here’s todays list:

5 November list

I’ve spent the morning sorting out craft orders and am about to head to the post office to post things people bought on Felt, an order to my new stockist, Bounty in the Coromandel, a hat I knitted for a new baby and a letter to Grandma.

Then it’s home to make a start on some prints for Solander Gallery’s Christmas show (opens 1 Dec). The theme for the show is red, which is a huge challenge since most of my work is soft pastels. I’m considering doing a pink and red floral work with white birds stitched on it, which I hope I can work on and then finish over the weekend – submissions are due next Friday.

Washing mountain is pretty self explanatory: in making craft for the latest Craft 2.0 I have totally neglected my duties and now must spend probably an hour folding a pile of clean washing that could rival Everest. My treat is a trip to town to see tonight’s fireworks with Tom. And we’re having dinner here – one of my favourite places.


3 Responses to Friday list

  1. Angela says:

    I heart lists 🙂

    It is so gratifying ticking something off a list that I often include ‘make a list’ as part of the list. Just so I can tick it.

  2. BabyVessel says:

    The Kapai on Courtenay Place? That place is YUM, especially the kumara chips.

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