Just quickly

Large (A5) notebook

I’ve got a bit of RSI in the right hand so will make this a quick round up and hope for less arm pain by the end of the week…

Craft 2.0 update: Saturday was Craft 2.0 and an odd one at that. Less people and lots of older women and grandparents (not big buyers) but I did see a lot of my favourite customers who return time and again: the Mum and her daughter who is slightly taller each fair, the woman who told me about our Air New Zealand blog post being on the noticeboard in the Air New Zealand staffroom, the English teacher who likes to buy ‘I’m a fan of literature’ pencils…

My favourite sale of the day was near the end of the fair. A boy (looked about ten) came over with his Mum and wanted to buy a large notebook with a red rose on it because he loved the colour. His Mum tried to talk him out of it because it had a flower on it but the kid held strong. I loved that he loved the colour and that he didn’t care what anyone else thought – go kid!

New job started yesterday at Booksellers New Zealand. It’s cool – the office is quiet but friendly, there are stacks of books everywhere and people essentially have told me to make the job what I want and like the ideas I’ve suggested so far. My major first task is auditing the website to work out what’s working, what’s not and what and how it can be improved.

Rarotonga is where Mum is talking us (me and Tom and my brothers and sister-in-law) for New Year! Yeeha! None of us have ever been to a Pacific Island and Rarotonga looks like a classic sun and sand destination. I’m planning on shopping at the markets, swimming, biking around the island and reading books. If you know of good accommodation options for seven people, let me know!


4 Responses to Just quickly

  1. sue says:

    stay away from town for accommodation

    make sure you enjoy smoothies at Fruits of Rarotonga

    where you choose to stay somewhat depends on your goals, do you want to snorkle every day, mooch, swim, sit in the sun?

    muri beach side is shallow is and great for swimming, not the best for snorkelling, but sheltered

    Titikaveka especially area around moana sands is amazing for snorkelling, but not sheltered

    • tomandemma says:

      Cool, thanks Sue – that’s really helpful. My plan is mooching and swimming but I think my brothers might have other ideas. I definitely need shelter though since I’m so white!

  2. Nikki says:

    Rarotonga! Lovely!
    I still laugh at that post whenever I think about it… ace that AirNZ recognises the hilarity too.
    Glad to hear the new job is going well 🙂

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