The Stars of Craft 2.0

This Saturday I’m off to sell at Craft 2.0 at The Dowse art gallery in Lower Hutt. Luckily it coincides with my week of unemployment because I’m on a schedule of make make make.

Before each craft fair, the organisers profile the makers on their blog. Here’s my profile:

Who are you, and what do you make?
I am Emma Makes and I sew bags, purses, scarves, ukulele covers, totes and iPad covers from vintage textiles. I also sell pencils with phrases on them, button heart brooches and notebooks that carry drawings of roman sandals. I live in Featherston, Wairarapa.




What is your first Crafting memory?
Begging my Mum – who was in the middle of cooking dinner – to re-thread the sewing machine for the 14th time. It took me ages to teach myself that essential skill and I always needed a re-thread at inopportune times.

When or how did you get started with selling your crafty creations?
I used to love going to Craft 2.0 as a buyer. I always made things at home for myself and friends and decided that if I really knuckled under on the weekends I could probably make enough for a stall. Turns out I can!

Read the rest of my profile….


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