New job


I’ve got a new job. From Monday, 1 November I’ll be the Web Editor at Booksellers New Zealand, the membership organisation for bookshops throughout New Zealand.

My job will be maintaining the website, using Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools and running digital marketing campaigns. In short, it’s my job to get people – through online communication – to buy more books. Nerd tasks + reading = good times.

Right now I’m in my last week at Ideas Shop. I like to leave my workplaces in good order so have had lots of meetings, finishing off tasks and handovers to make sure everyone knows what I do and what they need to do one I leave. So far, so good.

One of the best parts of leaving was making a video to recruit for my new position. You can see our team’s effort here – and also see if you might like my old job.


4 Responses to New job

  1. Angela says:

    Wow, I think you may have just landed my dream job.. lucky!

  2. Jax says:

    Em, huge congrats on the new job. I am sure you will be awesome at it – can’t wait to hear how it goes. Also the recruitment video is amazing! Enjoy your last couple of days. Jax

  3. Tony says:

    Well done. So no more frequenting second-hand book shops?

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