Gardeners, hark!

I don’t usually garden during winter – other than planting bulbs. I don’t see the point – the weeds grow fast, it’s too wet to be outside and I’m always busy on weekends with craft and reading and adventuring.

However, each spring there comes a day where I look at the garden and realise if I don’t weed it then people may think our house has been abandoned. This weekend was weed-a-thon and consequently it’s hard to bend over because my legs are so stiff.


But I weeded ’till my fingers ached, planted out some pansies in baskets and a kaka beak from my friend Alana and shifted some shrubs around that didn’t like where they were positioned.

And now two questions… the front garden of our house is quite shady. It’s got lots going on – ferns and bluebells and other stuff and it needs some wildflower seeds thrown in there to brighten it up. What kind of seeds can I throw in the mix that would love shade?

Photo by UGardner on

Another question – I really like the kind of garden where heaps of flowers grow close together (see pictures). What kind of flowering shrubs/flowers can I plant that won’t grow taller then knee height in a position that is semi sunny but mostly lightly shady? Also, will clematis grow in semi (mostly) shade?

Photo by Urban Combing (Ultrastar175g) on

I want my garden to be wild and free but with lots of flowers. I don’t really care for manicuring it and have better things to do so probably won’t look after it every single weekend. Although I am willing to weed and push the hoe around occasionally – every fortnight or so.

Photo by Auntie P on

5 Responses to Gardeners, hark!

  1. Paula Bailey says:

    I have no answers to your questions but if I had a garden I would want it that way too. And thanks for linking my photo (Auntie P).

  2. Catherine says:

    Hey, you can buy awesome wildflower mixes from Kings seeds here: We have a gorgeous Clematis Montana Rubens in full flower at the moment ( it loves having its feet in the shade, but likes a bit of sun once it has rambled up the side of something. Violets & forgetmenots love the shade too 🙂

  3. tomandemma says:

    Fantastic – thanks Catherine. We have some great forget me nots at the moment, which made we want more random flowers. Thanks for the links!

  4. Julie says:

    I think many bright flowers love a bit of sun, but I have seen alyssum and nasturtiums growing in semi shade. Clematis certainly loves their feet in the shade, and some hosta plants are quite colourful. I have just got a semi dwarf hydrangea, and they love shade as do fuchsias.

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