Spring solstice


Last night Tom and I went to Stonehenge Aotearoa for the Spring solstice. Stonehenge is east of Carterton and a full working replica of Stonehenge.

The solstice ceremony was led by wiccans and druids, two of who go on our train. The ceremony involved walking around the henge, chanting, calling out our names, singing and drink wine and eating biscuits. Tom and I both quietly said ‘yes’ when  the spring dance was called off owing to soggy grass underfoot. Seeing the sun go down behind the hills was beautiful and the ceremony something well worth going to.

Afterwards, our ticket price bought us a buffet meal with everyone else at a local cafe. There’s always one in every group and in the solstice group we had Heather. Heather was miffed that we were there because she was under the impression the evening was organised only for the Lion’s Lodge group she’d travelled down from Manawatu/Hawke’s Bay with. She quizzed us about why we were there, asked how much our tickets were (comparing them to hers) and was generally unwelcoming. She thought the ceremony was ‘a bit different’, which was all knows is an old lady’s way of saying nutso. What a rude old trout.

I think they do the ceremony each solstice and it’s well worth going to for the experience. We welcomed the spring in last night and in reward today we got gale force winds and rain.

We were also intrigued by this ghost house right near the turnoff to Stonehenge, which had the same feeling for me as this famous American painting:

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth

2 Responses to Spring solstice

  1. realruth says:

    I’m very interested to hear about your stonehenge experience. However the festival is the Spring Equinox, definitely not a solstice.

    • tomandemma says:

      Good point Ruth – I think I’d just called it solstice and then stubbornly ignored anything else. I’ll see if I can find a description of what happened online somewhere – a lot of chanting and things that someone else has probably described well.

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