No buckets, no dogs

This weekend I’ve been reintegrating into society – I’ve gotten out of my pajamas, put on clothes and Tom has taken me on little outings. Little outings, while pleasant are also tiring so afterwards to head home for a nap.

Yesterday we went to Martinborough for breakfast and today we went to Carterton’s Daffodil Festival. As well as pottering around a great market running through the main streets of Carterton, we went out to Middle Run where, for a donation, you can pick daffodils. It’s $4 for 24 stems and one rule: no buckets, no dogs.

It was our first year going to Middle Run and because I’d seen heaps of people carrying daffodils so thought, “how many more can there be?”

As you can see from the photos there were untold amounts of flowers and it was the perfect pick me up and incredibly warm.

Tom in the field of daffodils

An amazing site to round the corner to...

A beautiful magnolia at Middle Run

3 Responses to No buckets, no dogs

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Gorgeous! What a great idea. Down south – some daffodils are out but our ones are still trying! Planted some sweet peas yesterday for good smells later on.

  2. Angela says:

    $4 for 24 sounds pretty good to me! Shame there aren’t any fields of daffodils here in Wellie 😦

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