Allow 20 minutes

Lamington shown not actual lamington seen today

When we moved to Featherston I quickly learnt that things move at a slower pace so now when I go to the Post Office I allow at least 20 minutes.

Here’s why. Today I went to the Post Office – I needed to hand over a parcel and buy a courier bag for another. Realistically that’s about a five-minute transactional task given there were only a couple of people in the queue ahead of me.

The first guy in the queue took ages – he was talking to Brenda the Post Office lady about who knows what but they were having a great catch up. Another worker took my courier parcel and tracked it but didn’t have the knowledge to take my money so I had to rejoin the queue, at the end.

The second person was interrupted by Hugh – Featherston’s most efficient worker (who had a day off today) and two women from the bakery next door singing Happy Birthday to Brenda the Post Office lady while walking in the shop holding a giant lamington cake with a candle in the middle. At the end of the song, everyone in the shop clapped and Brenda blew out the candle.

The third transaction was a bit slow because Brenda was flustered about the cake and by another person yelling out to ask how old she was. “Well past fifty” was the answer. “Not looking too bad for that,” someone else commented.

So that’s how we roll in Featherston – nothing happens quickly and shopping is less about transactions and more about community (or hilarity depending on your point of view). Helen and Carol – your birthday presents are in the post.


3 Responses to Allow 20 minutes

  1. katy77 says:

    That’s awesome. I’d much rather queue at the post shop in Featherston than the one on Lambton Quay. Queue of about 20 people at peak times, you wait for about 20 minutes, but nothing classic happens and nobody actually dares speak to anyone else in the queue… that’s city styles for you though, I guess.

  2. Sandra says:

    ah yes, I live in your kind of town too. I had to redefine my expectations of timing and the purpose of a trip to ‘town’ when we moved to the West Coast (SI). It’s good though.

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