You’d better think



I over think most things, which can be good or bad. Good because if you think as much as I do then you can develop great ideas at a moment’s notice, or work out scenarios in great detail so when they arrive in real life you know what’s going to happen.

Bad because occasionally, like this weekend, you can’t stop thinking.

Work has been super busy lately and at times stressful. Add to that, the major deadline of 1 September when I’m off for two weeks after my operation and things have probably become a bit more angst-ridden than they need be.

This weekend I’ve been cutting fabrics for pixie bags, have listened to podcasts and watched movies – but the problem is my brain came to those too, which wasn’t very restful.

All this over thinking hasn’t stopped me sleeping but it is tiring and makes for crazy dreams.

If anyone has any advice for over thinkers please write in.


6 Responses to You’d better think

  1. clare says:

    I sympathize with the overthinking. My cures are as follows:
    + obviously gin and tonic is the number 1
    + a bath, with a treat, this can be good cheese, good cheese in the bath is a great way to get so many senses overloaded that you forget about anything else
    + let yourself overthink for 10min, and maybe even write a list of troubles, solutions, things to do, and then ban all thoughts that about your worries – there is the danger of walking about saying ‘stop it’ aloud to yourself but if you’ve also been drinking people will ignore it
    + imagine the best case scenario. focus on the detail of it, what you’re wearing, where you’re sitting etc (i don’t mean that to sounds as dirty as it does)
    + watch good movies, spend too much money on things you find on the net, get a massage
    Thinking of you,

    • tomandemma says:

      Thanks – I really like this advice. Especially the think in great detail for 10minutes then stopping it – that’s definitely happening next time. Thanks!

  2. Angela says:

    I am an over-thinker too and the only things that work for me are distracting myself (which is where being a somewhat ‘crafty’ person comes in handy.. I can get really involved in whatever I’m making). If the distracting fails, I kind of give myself a lecture – I try to logically think what the problem is then tell myself there is no point worrying about it because whatever happens, happens and no amount of worrying or overthinking will change that.

    I have the worlds cruisiest boyfriend – honestly, he’s so chillaxed sometimes I think he’s sleep-walking through his day. He barely ever worries about anything, which can actually be quite infuriating because it means I have to do all the over-thinking for both of us!

    So, yea, I agree with Clare – let yourself overthink (and writing it all down really does help) and then try to banish all thoughts.

  3. katy77 says:

    I think only the best people are overthinkers. I’ve thought a lot about overthinking, although I don’t know if I’ve come to any particularly productive conclusions… may (or may not) be something of use here:

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