There you are!

Soon after the Austin Powers movie first came out, I visited my friends Andrea, Tom (another Tom), Annie and Emma in their Christchurch flat. Austin Powers loved saying “there you are” to people on the street. Tom loved saying “there you are” out of cars to strangers.

So, here we are – we’re back from our mid-winter holiday to Taupo and well into the swing of work again. So well into the swing that I have neglected the blog. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Mt. Ruapehu from The Desert Road

The photo above is by Tom, taken on The Desert Road. It makes a great computer wallpaper so feel free to use it – find the bigger image of it here. And here’s some more holiday photos too. This is how I spent most of the holiday.

Me at the Huka Falls

A new Wairarapa craft fair: A couple of Featherston friends and I are planning a Wairarapa Craft Fair – a contemporary fair with cool craft right before Christmas. It will be held on 11 December from 10am to 4pm in Greytown, South Wairarapa. We’re just working on the website, brand and application form, which should be done soon and once it is I’ll post it here too so you can enter. Because we’re new we need your help to tell as many people as possible.

Ignite! I lived through my Ignite talk on Tuesday, speaking for five minutes about wallpaper. The organisers are uploading videos at the moment so once mine is up I’ll add the link (if it’s not too hideous) and you can watch me sound like a Head Girl too.

Household Income Survey. Our house was chosen for the Household Income Survey so on Wednesday night Tom and I answered a lot of questions for a very nice old man that came to visit. We talked about how much we earn, what we spend, insurance, quality of life (do we have good shoes, cut our hair, go out), qualifications, mortgage payments and a whole lot more nosey information.

Cutty cutty. My surgery got bumped from mid-August to 1 September, which means I’ll be spending my birthday laid up in bed with poke holes cut in me. Stinko.

Two new lots of pencils this week: I love Janet Frame and Imagination Machine.


6 Responses to There you are!

  1. Angela says:

    I will keep an eye out for that Wairarapa Craft Fair application form :-))

  2. Julie says:

    Here you are indeed, good to have you back. Sounds and looks like the perfect holiday. I did have a good laugh at the “poke holes”, but that is not too mean, as I have had them too. I am sure they will not keep you down for long. Craft idea sounds excellent.

  3. tash says:

    thanks for the pic of Ruapehu! Just what I needed on my laptop to remind me that I must get to the mountain! xx

  4. […] stressful. Add to that, the major deadline of 1 September when I’m off for two weeks after my operation and things have probably become a bit more angst-ridden than they need […]

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