Guest blogger: Alicia Caldwell

Photo by Alicia Caldwell

Alicia Caldwell is my workmate at Ideas Shop. When not raving about the southern bays, she makes jewellery like this spoon necklace that I’m in love with. Visit her FaceBook Page ‘A little spoonful’ to view sweet decorative treats.

A little spoonful of the Southern Suburbs

As I guest blogger on Emma and Tom’s Featherston blog, not having a whole lot of personal experiences of Featherston, I thought I would write about the Southern Community – where I live in Island Bay.

The best thing about driving home from a hard day’s work on a Friday is getting to The Bay and knowing for the whole weekend I can choose not to leave my small southern community and still have a delightfully satisfying weekend.

I can stroll down do to the South Coast and view the smelly seals or I can buy some gourmet Island Bay sausages from Don. I could see a movie at the local and very pretty Empire Cinema or go to the Happy Valley Recycle Centre (aka The Dump Shop) and sort through unwanted treasures.

The dog beach round at Lyall Bay is always entertaining and you can stop off at Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli for a latte or a shake. The best bit though does have to be the sea all the while lapping at the fringes spraying salt into the air and cocooning all the people and places.

Oh I do love to live beside the seaside…


One Response to Guest blogger: Alicia Caldwell

  1. Angela says:

    I go to that butcher in Island Bay and their sausages are amaaazing. Well worth a short trip over the hill from Lyall Bay to buy some (I’ll never buy supermarket sausages again).

    And I also go to Queen Sally’s. In fact, I’d say it’s just about coffee o’clock, so I’m about going to head there now!.

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