Guest blogger: Jeannie McCleary

Me and Mum at my first swim.

Jeannie McCleary is my Mum and one of this blogs most avid readers. Last year she wrote a guest blog post that was universally loved. A lot can happen in the space between guest blog posts but here she is, back again. The photo here is me and Mum on my first swim.

I am sure memories are important to everyone,but as the years go by and I continue to travel the different journeys of my life so many precious memories are so clear to me.

Getting together with family and friends or those precious moments alone when there is plenty of time to think, the conversation, and the thoughts usually begin with ‘remember’…

I was born on the second last day of 1957 so I was a young child growing up in the 60s.When everyone had a Mum and Dad that lived together. When everyones Dad had a job and everyones Mum stayed at home. Everyone had a vege garden and everyones Mum was always there after school and  always cooked the tea. When kids had school clothes and one good dress to wear to church on Sundays. We were taught respect and we made our own fun after school and in the holidays.

I have always believed and I have taught my children in a changing world. Yes, times have changed and are quite different from our upbringing in the 60s but morals should not have changed. Families are still very important, and caring for others is still very important.

I am lucky in that I have always believed in the power of positive thinking and wow it does work ! People need to laugh more. Simple things in life to me are still the best. Quality time to me is important.

After many years working very long hours in building our buisnesses to the stage they are, I have now learnt quality time. I have learnt to delegate tasks and I have learnt the importance of this. I go home to smell the roses, I have learnt to relax and sit in the chair and think, dream and remember. To laugh and relish the simple things.

We have four beautiful adult children; all individuals in their own way. They have had a wonderful upbringing and have many precious memories from this. I know this will always help them make the right choices in life.

Life for their future children will also be different from my and their upbringings.

My favourite quote at present:
Commitment: When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.


One Response to Guest blogger: Jeannie McCleary

  1. Angela says:

    “I have learnt to relax and sit in the chair and think, dream and remember”. What lovely words 🙂

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