Guest blogger: Carol Petrie

Carol and I have been friends since the first day of Art School, 14 years ago. I first saw Carol in The Southland Times – she’d won a scholarship I think – and I was deeply jealous because I was still on the waiting list.

We’re both from Southland, both like coloured, shiny things and were both shocked when two guys lit up a joint for morning tea during our first painting class.

Bluff sky

I have just been to stay in Bluff for 3.5 days. I SHOULD say I have been “home” but that is the first time I have stayed at the house that my parents have now been living in for a year, so it really isn’t my home, just theirs now, but thats ok with me! I am an adult afterall, and shouldn’t expect my old room to be set up at my parents house, just like it was when I was a kid…actually, I am pretty lucky, because up until last year, it was!

Bluff was a visual delight! I had forgotten what amazing skies Southland has (see above photo of a particularly spectacular sunrise). I was excited to wake up each morning before dawn, to see what the sky was going to gift my eyes with that day. Each day I was surprised and amazed with the sunrises that framed the Aluminium smelter!

Bluff was cold…but a GOOD cold! That crisp freshness that seems to only exist from Christchurch south is something i really miss, living in Auckland.

I went paua-fishing with Dad on the first morning I was there, and went out clad in long-johns, hat and gloves (things I haven’t worn all at the same time since 4th form camp). It was not long before I remembered my tough Southland roots and had ditched the gloves and was groping around rock ledges with my hands getting scratched up by barnacles, and the occasional rogue wave washing over the top of my gumboots.

Bluff was friendly! Everyone that we passed walking ANYWHERE said hello, and more often than not, knew Mum and Dad anyway, so a conversation followed 🙂

Bluff has affordable houses…want a house for under 100K..? go to Bluff!…Marcus Lush did.

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