Guest blogger: Jacqui van der Kaay

I met Jacqui when she came to work at my workplace for a short project. She was funny, cynical and knew about online communication – what’s not to like? Since then, she’s started her own blog ‘Hand in Glove‘, which is a catalogue of her observations and about being a Mum.


It really is a stegosaurus

Many parents dread the school holidays, but I’m not one of them.  OK, I’ll be honest, the first week wasn’t so great. Both the girls were sick and miserable with it. It was a loooong 10 days.

But this week has been blissful. We’ve all stayed in our pajamas way later than it would ordinarily be decent, but it hasn’t mattered. We haven’t had to be anywhere at a particular time.

I have loved not hearing my voice over and over again saying – come on or brush your teeth or come on we have to go or we are running late or put your shoes on or various combinations of the above.

We haven’t done a lot. We enjoyed a leisurely trip to buy two new lunchboxes. The girls spent half and hour deciding which ones they wanted and it didn’t matter. They spent a lot of time the next day making their lunch to put in their new boxes and it didn’t matter.

We’ve done some baking and instead of squeezing it in between other things we’ve taken it slowly. Even making shaped biscuits liked this stegosaurus. My nearly six-year-old loves dinosaurs and this holidays we’ve spent time looking at new books, talking about them and making and decorating biscuits that look like them. It’s been fun.

We have taken joy in the simple things. Like a train trip, an afternoon at the playground, lunch and afternoon teas with friends. It’s been so relaxing not having to rush anywhere and not having to somehow fit the domestic chores around work, school runs and after school activities.

Not once have I found myself hanging out washing or preparing a meal for the slow cooker at 10 o’clock at night. The change of pace has been bliss in so many ways.


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