Grandma comes to visit

The lighthouse at Cape Palliser

Grandma has been trying to get to our house for a visit for the last three and a half years. And after a 12-hour trip yesterday with Dad (by train and  a really long, delayed ferry trip) she made it.

We’ve got two days to show Grandma and Dad the Wairarapa. We began with breakfast at Cornucopia in Featherston – one of our favourites – and then took a day trip to Cape Palliser. After lots of driving we got to the southern-most point of the North Island and to the Cape Palliser lighthouse. Tom, Dad and I climbed the 250-odd steps while Grandma guarded the car. Here’s a photo of the lighthouse showing how steep the stairs are:

The 250 stairs to the lighthouse

Dad, Tom and I returned with sore legs, then went to the beach with Grandma and then stopped to take some photos of seals.

On the way home we stopped for a wine at the Martinborough Hotel. The train travellers had read on their trip that salty chips and pinot gris was a good combination and it’s true. Tonight we took off to the Royal Hotel (Dad’s idea after reading this post) for dinner (which was great again) and to watch the rugby – the first time I’d ever watched a rugby game in a pub. Tom now thinks there’s something wrong with me because I suggested we might do it again.

Here’s some more photos of our day, including seals, pink bulldozers and Grandma at the beach.

Grandma at the beach at Cape Palliser

One Response to Grandma comes to visit

  1. Tony says:

    I’m glad Grandma didn’t go up the steps to the lighthouse, though I am sure she is fit enough to. Why wasn’t the weather that nice when we were up there on Wednesday?

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