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We got two sunny days this weekend in Featherston – a short reprieve from winter woes and a chance to do some work around the house.

Tom re-stacked the wood pile after it recently fell down and almost crushed me. And once the camera batteries charge up I’ll take a photo of it because it’s so perfectly and neatly stacked that it’s like a magazine wood pile.

I moved a whole lot of lavender (this lavender) that had become straggly and wasn’t getting enough sun, to a new space along the fence by the washing line. Then I made an i-Pad cover that had been custom-ordered.

Yesterday after the shopping, armed with cheap rolls, meat and a jar of onion marmalade, Tom and I had a picnic in Queen Elizabeth Park. It was great to sit in the sun in July, listen to parents talking to their kids like their little darlings were morons and watch people paddle around the lake in little rent-a-paddle-boats.

In other news, I found this cool fabric envelope tutorial that I’m planning to make. And the great thing about going to Sydney is that you can get your favourite magazines before they’re available in New Zealand.

This week is a bit of a family one – Uncle Tony, Maree, Lisa and Rachael are coming for morning tea on Wednesday and this weekend, Dad and Grandma are coming to visit.

I’ll also be writing a guest post for Bliss in a Teacup. Which reminds me, please write a guest post for this blog…. go on. Email me or leave a comment so we can talk about it.


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