Be our guest

guest bed by limonada.

Be our guest

Last year, Tom and I ran a series of guest blog posts for a week, which were written by our friends and family and which were incredibly popular. You can read them all here and here.

As a winter treat we’re hoping to do it again and are looking for people to write posts.

You don’t have to know us and can write on anything you like – your deadline is 15 July 2010.

I’ll post them all up (so not technical knowledge is required) and will do a little intro on who you are. There’s really no application process, just let me know you’re keen by emailing me at emma.mccleary[at]

It would be great if you could email me first, then send your blog post in before 15 July 2010 so I can establish the schedule. Long or short, on whatever topic we welcome you all!

Don’t be shy!


2 Responses to Be our guest

  1. Helen says:

    Count me in! & I’ll ask F, too.

  2. tomandemma says:

    That’s fantastic! Thank you two.

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