Epic Fail

FAIL stamp by hans.gerwitz.

Epic fail

There’s been a pile of wood in our garage for ages – since it was delivered, every weekend has been wet, cold or one where Tom and I are busy doing other things. Yesterday we finally stacked the wood into the wood pile.

This morning when I went to get more wood for the fire, the pile collapsed. Pretty much imploded – I had to jump out of the way to avoid risking life and limb. This afternoon Tom unstacked the wood and began restacking it in a very tight, controlled, steady manner (the wood, not Tom). Given how much I rate my stacking abilities and that my pile fell down, I’m pretty much in the can for mocking every winter from here to eternity now.

In other failures, I made a black wool dress yesterday with a doily on the back. I washed it; the doily went grey. Sigh. Unpicking, resewing (this time  a felt tui motif) and the dress is back to new.

This afternoon I went to the studio to sew. The sewing machine broke and I wasted about two hours of my life trying to fix it. ARGH! It’s off to the shop this week but not having a working sewing machine for the first time in 12 years is like having one less arm.

Good things happening this weekend too – a nice breakfast at Cornucopia, a massage for me, the fire was cosy, I read some of my book and wrote letters to friends. It’s just one of those weekends were a fair whack of things also went awry.


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