Rose & Pea

Pea, by Helen.

Helen came to stay on Friday and I’ve just packed her off onto the train to Wellington, from where she’ll take a bus back to Palmerston North. She came over for Craft 2.0 where we debuted our Rose & Pea stall and it’s been a weekend of simple pleasures.

Friday: Tom made baked fish on top of baked potato on top of home-grown silver beet. Delicious. The fire was on, good red wine in hand, and boiled fruit pudding, gingernut Kapiti ice-cream and custard for dessert. Snaps for Tom.

Saturday: I’d spent most of my week compartmentalising – I’ve been really busy at work and working on craft in the evenings so it took a while to get in the mood on Saturday. However, by the time we’d set up the stall, met other crafters and people had arrived, I was set. And Craft 2.0 was marvelous – a steady stream of happy customers who seemed relaxed and talkative, which is always nice. I swapped my little heart out and spent some craft cash, coming home with:

At Rose & Pea, sales were steady. Ukulele covers were admired but rarely purchased (I have no doubts they’ll sell online), pencils were a hit and I’ll need to keep drawing roman sandals onto notebooks to keep up with demand.

Pink cabbage rose by photofinish2009

After Craft 2.0, Helen, another Helen, Melissa and I went to Olive cafe for a cup of tea and meringues, followed by dinner at Catch sushi bar and gelato at Kaffee Eis. God I love chocolate gelato. And sushi – I almost hypnotised myself watched the sushi train going round and round.

Sunday: This post really is about more than eating but Tom, Helen and I had a GREAT breakfast at our local cafe, Cornucopia this morning. I felt more relaxed than I have in a long time as we sat chatting, eating breakfast and (me) drinking herbal tea. In fact, I’ve had some great conversations over food this week and can heartily endorse them.

This afternoon Helen and I have potted around the Wairarapa – visiting artists studios, Fuzzy (the vintage shop in Carterton) where I bought some great hunting-scene barkcloth and a paint-by-numbers oil painting of a ship. Then off to Masterton where we trashed out big time and saw Sex and the City 2. It was great and as long as you go in expecting fashion, cheesy, vapidity, and hot locations you’ll love it. It’s escapism before the cold hard shock of a Sunday afternoon on the main street of Masterton returns.

Monday: I have a day off and am going to load everything left over from the craft fair onto my Felt shop. Stand by.


4 Responses to Rose & Pea

  1. artandmylife says:

    Ukulele covers????? OOhhhhh can’t wait to see them on felt! I am learning Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ on the uke at the moment

  2. Peta says:

    your stuff is super cute! I was one of those people who got one of the cute roman sandal notebooks, I know the receiver will love it 🙂

  3. BabyVessel says:

    And I love my pencil! Everytime I have a problem, I know my pencil can solve it. Yo.

  4. tomandemma says:

    Yay pencil and notebook lovers! Thank you so much for buying from me.

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