Enduring Memories

bird1 by DaveBleasdale.Last night one of my best friends from primary school who I haven’t seen in a good 15 years wrote me an email on Facebook. When I responded I said that my enduring memory of her was going to visit her house and listening to this old record in a run down old villa on their farm.

Then I wondered, if you had one stand out memory of each of the people you know in life what would it be?

Here’s a  few of mine, which are quite often also firsts.

  • The first time I met Tom’s Mum (his Dad was away somewhere) we had three kinds of sausages and vegetables for dinner. I thought three kinds of sausages was super because growing up in a household with four kids I probably only knew before this that there was either beef or pork. Or saveloy’s but they’re in a class of their own.
  • The day my brother Isaac was born it snowed. When I came downstairs in the morning Dad said I had another brother (the third) and was I disappointed that it wasn’t the sister I’d hoped for.
  • When I met my friends Alana and Madz they were cooking dinner in their kitchen for two elderly people. Madz was stoked I had a car so I could drive the food around to said old people. I then stayed the night but wasn’t guaranteed a room in their flat until someone else pulled out the next day.
  • When I was four my Dad spent hours making me  a green Emma Apple paper mache costume to wear to a kindergarten Munch Bunch party.
  • My Mum looked after my Grandma when she came to our house to die of Cancer. Mum had about three jobs then, four kids and was always busy doing things too but when someone called one day with a lame excuse (like being tired)  for not pulling their weight on a task Mum stepped in and did it without complaining. It got done and got done well and that person probably never knew that Mum had a million better things to do.
  • My brother Jake and I spent hours talking ourselves to sleep when we were teenagers.
  • When I was 11 the whole school went to a singing day at the local College. I needed glasses so mostly just mouthed the words and hoped nobody would notice. When we sang this tragic song our horrible teacher cried.
  • My Grandma (different one than before) once cut my swimming togs into a bikini when I got too tall for it. Not a good look.
  • One of the first times Tom came around to our flat in Palmerston North he brought us home baked bread. That went quite a way to sealing the deal.

2 Responses to Enduring Memories

  1. azlemed says:

    One of my first memores of you is how you would have your hair plaited and it went right around your head, I thought that was so cool as my hair wasnt past my shoulders.

  2. tomandemma says:

    That’s so cool – my hair was endlessly plaited until I was about nine. Around the head, dog ear loops, just straight plaits – you name it, Mum did it.

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