1000 words

I spent an hour and two book vouchers in Whitcoulls recently and this is what I got. Fashion Quarterly came with a free facial too so doubly great. That little one you can't see properly is New Zealand Gardener.

This little bookshelf was $20 at the Masterton Family Store and the perfect size and style for our tiny spare room. I like to think visitors will enjoy reading in bed.

Pauline - a lovely blog reader sent me some Frida fabric after reading my recent post asking where to buy it. I feel so lucky and have to think hard about what to sew.

Pauline - of the image above - also sent a Frida badge. Yay! Lets hope old ladies can tell this time that it's not me. The two parrots on the shoulder should give it away...

Sewed it 'til my fingers bleed - was the winter of 2010... bags lined up and ready to roll out at Craft 2.0 on Saturday 12 June. Since they're in my studio everything has a slightly green tinge from the walls.


5 Responses to 1000 words

  1. helenstripysock says:

    Ooh – I am collecting orange penguin classics, too!

    Are we twins seperated at birth?

    I am collecting both vintage ones and new ones…so far have breakfast at tiffanys, cold comfort farm, lolita, wuthering heights and jane eyre…

    Plus – amazing bookshelf!! xxx Helen

  2. tomandemma says:

    Thanks! Pretty darn pleased with myself on the bookshelf. I love those Penguin books because their covers are so stylish and they’re cheap too. They’re the quintessential paperback.

  3. la says:

    Hey Em,

    Sorry not to catch you over the weekend. I ended up catching a horrible cold so was not fit to be seen in public.

    Your bags look amazing – hopefully will get to see them first-hand at craft 2.0 this weekend.

    Also, was so impressed with the banana cake you made for the free shop. I love how you always get into the spirit of things and go that extra mile. You’re a gem.

    loves. la

  4. Julie says:

    I do not know what to admire the most, books, bags or shelf. A pretty suscessful group of goodies. Hope you have a great day at Craft 2.0 on Sat.

  5. […] bought Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford on my June trip to Whitcoulls where I burnt through some book vouchers I’d been given. I’d heard of the Mitford […]

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