Kath and Kim and Tom

Kiiiim where's Tom?

Tom has talked to everyone in New Zealand who is interested in tax so he’s gone to Australia.

He headed off to Canberra today with a group from work to talk over some detailed tax issues with his Australian counterparts in Canberra.

I’d like to tell you what it’s about but tax puts me to sleep so I have no idea. Don’t feel bad for Tom – he feels the same about my work.

Although Tom’s whole family travelled across the world and went on an amazing European holiday when Tom was a kid, he’s never been to Australia. To say the last week has been exciting for him is an understatement. New passport, Australian currency, me trying to explain exactly how much Australians sound like Kath and Kim and how funny it is…

It’s quiet at home now. Tom’s quiet anyway but when he’s not here I have to put the dishwasher on for a bit of noise.


2 Responses to Kath and Kim and Tom

  1. Tony says:

    Tom is excited about the trip? But he is going to Canberra. That is about as exciting as tax.

  2. tomandemma says:

    But Tom LOVES tax. And he bought an i-Pad in Canberra, which was a sweetner.

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