Craft, Roast, Schwap

The new roman sandal notebooks

Tom and I have just returned from Featherston’s Royal Hotel where we went to try their $15 Sunday roast. It was pork and Tom can report that it was fantastic. I had beef curry (also great) along with some great desserts and in a country-pub style setting. We’ll definitely be returning.

I went to the second Featherston schwap today at the Community Centre. The idea is that (for a $5 donation to the Community Centre) people can take along their good quality unwanted clothes and swap with other people who have turned up with their unwanted clothes.

It’s a good chance for a clean up (all leftovers go to the new Featherston op-shop) but is a bit hit and miss in terms of getting new clothes – especially since about eight people usually go to the event.

I generally look for fabrics for making and got a great red velvet skirt for just that today. Some people left with armloads of stuff and others left with nothing but it was great to mix with the Featherstonians none the less. One of the women there also entertained us on her ukulele while we shopped.

The rest of this weekend I’ve been making craft for my Craft 2.0 stall on 12 June. As well as these roman sandal notebooks (made under the Rose & Pea Papergoods brand, which is a new enterprise with my friend Helen Stripy Socks), I’ve been cutting out fabric to make more pixie bags. You can see more craft on my Flickr stream too.


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