The Free Shop

Monster cake on the counter

When I worked at Te Papa on a big 1970s exhibition, my friend Alison told me that in the 70s there were free stores. It sounded great but my workmates disagreed – they thought people would just take everything and such a store would fall over quickly

Last week a free store opened in Ghuznee Street on Wellington, just around the corner from my work. It’s awesome – I turned up when the TV cameras were there (see if you can spot me) and got bananas, a great loaf of bread from Aro Bake and some lemon honey.

At the time I promised to bake a cafe from the bananas and last night I did – it was a bohemith – huge, heavy and took hours to cook.

The people at the shop were well pleased as I hope the customers that arrived today were to find they could get a piece of freshly baked cake for free. I topped it with lemon icing (using the free lemon honey) and slices of lemon from our lemon tree in the garden.


3 Responses to The Free Shop

  1. Madz says:

    we had a free shop in feilding for a while. well, it was a by donation shop. there was a hole in the wall to put your coins in and heaps of junk everywhere up for grabs. it was great. but has gone bye the bye. your free shop sounds different and looks cool. how does it work?

  2. helenstripysock says:

    Awesome! Yeah, how DOES it work?

  3. tomandemma says:

    The Free Shop in Wellington is an art project so it’s for a limited time. It works by you just taking what you want but there are people attending the store so it’s quite controlled and part of the project is watching how people react to free stuff.

    It’s weird – most people that I’ve seen are hesitant and really polite and a bit disbelieving.

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