Pokies, yawn

The Auckland Sky Tower by Sids1.

The Tower

Right now I’m in a parallel universe. I’m in a super-posh room with a giant bed in a contemporary, well-styled room.

I’m in Auckland for a social media conference (that rules), which is being held at Sky City so work has put me up in the same hotel. It’s nice. Really nice.

I had dinner out with my friend Carol (we met at art school) and then we went to the Casino to a) stare at people and b) walk around in a daze looking at the lights. We each had $20 to spend and after a quick lesson from the floor cashier in how exactly to play the pokies (yes, I am that shameful) we got to it. I won $8! Actually I won $20, put that in my purse to break even then blew the rest until I was down to $8.

Playing the pokies is a bit boring – no chance I’ll be hitting the pubs any time soon.

Carol and I also got asked for ID when we went in – you need to be 20 to enter. Score!


2 Responses to Pokies, yawn

  1. Congrats on your casino winnings at the pokies! You may think they’re boring cause you’ve only tried them once, but actually they’re a lot of fun. Have you tried other games like 21, or roulette (very easy)

    BTW here you have to be 21 to enter a Casino so you got lucky 😉

  2. tomandemma says:

    Thanks for your comment TheVirtualCasino – I’m 32, which is why I thought getting asked for ID was so funny!

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