The new cubby

The new cubby

Tom and I only had one weekend day together this week as he’s once again returned to work on Sunday. So where do you go when that happens? Masterton of course!

Tom and I started the day with a great breakfast at Featherston’s Cornucopia deli – I had the best French toast I’ve ever had (fresh bread, great maple syrup, stewed Pacific Rose apple) and Tom took to a hot bowl of porridge with stewed pears.  The deli is changing soon to focus more on takeaway food – bread, olives, cheese, sandwiches etc. so we thought we’d get in for breakfast while we could.

Then it was off to Masterton to pick up a cubby for our new boardroom/blue room. I constructed it then we set about roaming the house looking for stuff to put in it. The cubby comes from Warehouse Stationery, which has a great range of bookshelves and cubbys that are reasonable priced and look stylish too.

For the rest of the day I made craft, Tom beat me at backgammon twice, he cleaned the fridge of doom and we started on the washing mountain – all quite domestic, so far unremarkable.


2 Responses to Saturday

  1. helenstripysock says:

    Ooh – the blur room is looking well-stylish! Can’t wait to clock it with my own eyes…

    xx Helen

  2. […] and I had planned to paint the last of our little rooms this weekend, since we did the other two last year and wanted to get it done during Summer. However, best laid plans were cast asunder* […]

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