Cup of tea

teacup by ampersans.

Since going to hospital for gallstones I’ve stopped drinking coffee. I used to be a three-five cup a day girl and I stopped cold turkey. After reading a list of things that can set off gallstone pain (chocolate, coffee, alcohol, all other delicious things) I chose a life of herbal tea over a life of potentially agonising pain.

And it’s not as bad as you think. Sure, ‘Be Charged’ herbal tea doesn’t have the same morning ooomph as a long black but I feel better, less anxious and I know that when I’m tired it’s because I’m tired, not because I’m coming down off a caffeine high.

I went to see a new doctor this week and he was possibly the loveliest doctor ever. Next stop is a referral to a surgeon so, as Dr Lovely says he can “get the damn things out.”

In other news – nothing. Tom and I have pottered around this weekend doing not a lot.

I did make a new style of bag though, which you can see on my Felt page and there will be more at June’s Craft 2.0 in Lower Hutt.

*teacup image by ampersan on


2 Responses to Cup of tea

  1. Julie says:

    Dear Emma,
    So pleased to know that it turned out to be Dr Lovely, and not Dr Bloody Infuriating.Glad the herbal teas are working for you. Love Julie.

  2. tomandemma says:

    Yes! Much better doctor than last time – I told on that other one too and the new, nice doctor didn’t look very happy about it.

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