A round trip to Timaru

Our tiny Timaru plane

My Grandad died on the Monday just been, so Tom and I have taken a spontaneous round trip to Timaru this week. We travelled in this tiny plane  – I had to grab the seat in front for dear life as we left Wellington and again when we landed (wind and turbulence is much worse in a tiny plane).

We returned home on Friday night, settling back into domestic bliss. We finally weeded the vegetable garden and planted onions, Chinese broccoli, and pumpkin. Tom put in some cauliflower and broccoli seeds and we found three little cucumbers amongst the weeds.

I made a Facebook page for my Emma Makes craft and print business – I’m on 21 fans at the moment and would love you to join. I’m aiming to add photos of new craft and let people know when I’m going to craft fairs – last Craft 2.0 I visited the fair as a buyer and found one of my usual customers looking forlorn because she was looking for my stall – hopefully I can sort that out now by letting people know when I’m going.

I’ve also been working on my secret new product for Craft 2.0, which I’ll let you know about before the fair on 12 June.

Tom has raked leaves, cooking GREAT brown walnut bread, made Thai pumpkin soup and a whole lot of chicken curry for the freezer. He also booked our Winter holiday – we’re going to the Taupo hot pools for four days. Yippee!

3 Responses to A round trip to Timaru

  1. Jax says:


    So sorry to hear about your granddad. Thinking of you.


  2. Nicole says:

    My condolences to you. I didnt envy your flight over the Strait, you are right, the smaller the plane the worse the battering from turbulence. Gardening is very therapeutic, and probably what a grandfather would recommend for filling the void grief can leave. I read recently that it was time to plant brassicas etc, I didnt realise it was time for pumpkins too. Love the boots by the way! Reminds me of those floral Doc Martins that were once available (at horrendous prices but lasted forever).

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