Greetings from the City of Cyclists

City of Cyclists

Once upon a time, Christchurch was known as the City of Cyclists and this is where I am this weekend.

Tom is manning the home fires and I’ve come down to speak at the Engage your Community conference, which was yesterday.

Since I’m in the South Island and Mum lives in Southland, she’s come up and we’re having a Christchurch weekend together.

I’m writing this in my pink room in SO Hotel – the most awesome hotel ever! It’s well designed, futuristic and really cute. See it all here – make sure you check out the videos of the rooms.

Yesterday while I was at the conference, Mum hit Lyttelton and a few shops and has been walking in the park a lot.

She picked me up then we had breads and spreads at a cafe near the Arts Centre and a kebab from a Lebanon Kebab stall round the back of the Arts Centre. Service in Christchurch so far rates much higher than service in Wellington! We saw the movie Leaving, which I enjoyed – Mum thought it was a bit different than she expected and most people in the theatre seemed it think it was a bit short at just over an hour ten long.

In other news,

  • On Thursday night was sat next to Rodney Hyde in So Hotel bar. Some random guy came up and tried to buy him a drink, which must be an endlessly annoying part of being a politician.
  • We went cruising for hookers on Manchester Street (not looking to buy) – it was shocking to see how young some of them were.
  • We met some people Mum knew in the street – she told them we were having drinkypoos. Shame!
  • The conference organisers gave me a gift for speaking – best conference gift ever – a gift box from Ballyantines with champagne, chocolates, panaforte and New Zealand honey.

9 Responses to Greetings from the City of Cyclists

  1. Tony says:

    That is Ballantynes I presume. Where those who can trace there ancestry to the first four ships to arrive in Canterbury shop. Very posh.

  2. Ross and Julie says:

    All very well for some! Have a great time with Jeannie, exploring all that Christchurch has to offer. Of course, Christchurch is where Tom was born, but I am afraid we can not trace our ancestry to any ships.

  3. tomandemma says:

    Grandma used to always take us shopping at Ballantynes and it was a really big deal to be somewhere so posh! Mum and I haven’t got there – we’re far too normal.

  4. Madz says:

    apparently I can trace my ancestry to ships arriving in canterbury but am certainly not posh.

  5. Becka says:

    haha, I love that your mum said drinkypoos!

  6. alana says:

    Were point 2 (cruising for hookers) and point 3 (people your mum knew) related?

  7. tomandemma says:

    @Alana – no but nice observation. The next time we cruised for hookers we saw one wearing pink knickers with blonde hair – I think she was going for the Lady Gaga look.

  8. lovestitches says:

    Ha mums have no shame about hat they say. My mum called me Miss Mouse once in front of 2 old people. I was about 29 and they looked at me like I was a moron.

  9. realruth says:

    Ballantynes stock ordinary things at ordinary prices as well as the posher things. There are lots of things for which they are the best source in the central city. Glad you liked the gift box.

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