A day in Wellington


I go into Wellington almost every day for work but hardly spend any real time there because I’m always in the office or going to meetings. So yesterday, when Tom decided he needed to spend Saturday at work, I was a tourist in Wellington.

I visited some op shops (disappointing after the Palmy op-shops), bought a magazine and saw the Seraphine Pick exhibition at City Gallery. The works were great but I thought the display of them was a little ho-hum and wasn’t a great fan of how Te Papa-like City Gallery had become with it’s large segmental panels and it’s cut out title lettering. I preferred when City Gallery was City Gallery.

After a great fresh sushi-train lunch at Wasabi on Cuba Street and a pot of herbal tea at Floriditas with my magazine, I got my hair cut. First time since January so I no longer look like a crazed cat lady and once again have hair with a style.

Then it was off to see Boy at Reading Cinemas. Far too many noisy plebes about too so I treated myself to the Gold Lounge – where you sit in a giant Laz-Z-Boy and pretend you own the cinema because you’re independently wealthy. Boy was great (any song that uses Poi-E* gets my vote) and funny although also overwhelmingly sad. I’d recommend it for a quiet Saturday afternoon show.

I finished my day with a lap around Moore Wilson’s fresh picking up veges, fish, meat and olives for the week, then it was collect Tom and home for homemade fish burgers (me) and venison burgers (Tom). Oh, and on the Rimutaka Hill we saw a rooster.

*Check out this version – it’s Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air dancing to Poi E.


2 Responses to A day in Wellington

  1. Nicole says:

    I have spent the best part of an hour touring your blog and want to tell you both that it was very refreshing. While I dont live in Waiarapa, I do know soomeone who chose to do the same as you two & buy there because of cost etc & she is a wonderfully down to earth person so Im guessing the ‘air’ there is good for the soul. I live rurally from Hamilton in the Waikato, & work in the “city” so I know what it is like to do the ‘tourist’ thing once in a while in a big city. Recently went to Wgtn for work & took an extra day to do a bookshop pilgrimage (Hamilton is a desert in this department). I laughed when I read a very old entry of yours about ‘Doris’ & the ice-cream, & the flat tire. Murphy’s law. And Emma, you are sooo creative, & thanks for the tip on the underpants thing (thunder whatits). I noticed ‘Sunday’ took a bit of a dive as well. Keep up the Samuel Pepys reading, his life was interesting (well I think so) even though he was just walking the reader through his daily routine – doing what you are doing now “blogging”, only his was in diary form 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks Nicole – that’s a really cool comment and much appreciated. It also makes me more keen to blog my recent sewing rather than just blob out by the fire. Stay tuned…

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