Making and growing

Two blackboards and a scotty dog

Scotty Dogs

Last week I sold my last Scotty Dog Blackboard through my Felt shop.

A couple of days later I got an email from the buyer asking if I’d make another one – their household is scotty dog mad and they needed more than one. So I pulled out the jigsaw and got cutting and painting. Here’s the result – Kimberly my happy buyer sent me this photo of the blackboards at her house with her scotty dog Bonnie – super cute and looking just like the blackboards, which is a relief.

Autumn Vegetables
Tom and I pulled our tomatoes out this weekend. We marveled at the cucumbers we are growing (we’ve eaten two already and they were delicious) and staked up our aubergine, which, if they grow, will be the best thing we’ve ever grown. We also planted some iceburg lettuce and beetroot and weeded around the peas and rainbow silverbeet.

Next stop, planting some more seeds of chinese cabbage, parsnip and native spinach.

The smallest button to button

I made a few more button brooches over the weekend – tiny ones on wool backing, which you can see here. And started to work on something new – here’s a hint about what it is.


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